Train timings at bangalore station….

Mysore-Shirdi weekly special train timings from Aug 1

The Mysore bound train passengers receive another boon from the South Western Railway, as the apex authority has announced a weekly express special trains between Mysore and Sai Nagar Shirdi (train numbers 06201/0620207 specials in each direction).

The train timings of the Mysore-Shirdi weekly trains are follows:

  • Train number 06201 Mysore-Sai Nagar Shirdi weekly express special will start from Mysore station at 09-50 hrs on Mondays on August 01, 08, 15, 22, 29, September 05, 12, 2011 and arrive at 14-15 hrs at Sai Nagar Shirdi railway station on Tuesdays.
  • The Mysore-Shirdi weekly express special

will depart from Mandya station at 10-47 hrs,

Ramanagaram at 11-20 hrs,

Kengeri at 12-02 hrs,

Bangalore City at 13-05 hrs,

Bangalore Cantonment at 13-20 hrs,

Yelhanka at 13-50 hrs,

Hindupur at 15-15 hrs,

Dharmavaram at 17-00 hrs,

Anantapur at 17-35 hrs,

Guntakal at 19-20 hrs,

Bellary at 20-45 hrs,

Torangallu at 21-20 hrs,

Hospet at 21-50 hrs,

Koppal at 21-20 hrs,

Gadag at 23-30 hrs,

Badami at 00- 18 hrs on Tuesday,

Bagalkot at 00-55 hrs,

Alamatti at 01-57 hrs,

Bijapur at 03-37 hrs,

depart from Hotgi at 05-55 hrs,

at Solapur at 06-45 hrs,

Kurdwadi at 07-47 hrs,

Daund at 10-00 hrs,

Ahmed Nagar at 11-33 hrs,

Belapur at 12-42 hrs and reach at

Puntamba at 13-15 hrs.

In the return direction, train number 06202 Sai Nagar Shirdi-Mysore weekly express special will depart from Sai Nagar Shirdi at 15-30 hrs on Tuesdays on August 02, 09, 16, 23, 30, 2011 and September 06 & 13, 2011 and arrive at 22-55 hrs at Mysore on Wednesdays.
The weekly express special

will arrive at Puntamba at 16-00 hrs,

Belapur at 16-33 hrs,

Ahmed Nagar at 17-57 hrs,

Daund at 19-40 hrs,

Kurdwadi at 22-30 hrs,

Solapur at 01-00 hrs on Wednesdays,

depart from Hotgi at 01-35 hrs,

at Bijapur at 03-50 hrs,

Alamatti at 04-52 hrs,

Bagalkot at 05-42 hrs,

Badami at 06-10 hrs,

Gadag at 07-40 hrs,

Koppal at 09-07 hrs,

Hospet at 09-45 hrs,

Torangallu at 10-22hrs,

Bellary at 11-20 hrs,

Guntakal at 12-25 hrs,

Anantpur at 13-27 hrs,

Dharmavaram at 15-40 hrs,

Hindupur at 17-07 hrs,

Yelhanka at 19-00 hrs,

Bangalore Cantonment at 19-50 hrs,

Bangalore city at 20-25 hrs,

Kengeri at 20-44 hrs,

Ramanagaram at 21-14 hrs and depart at Mandya at 22-12 hrs.



2 responses

  1. hari

    U r misleading me by giving wrong info abt train timings..plz check it out once…

    April 1, 2012 at 6:58 pm

  2. hari

    Hey plz check d timings of these train…i think its wrong….

    April 1, 2012 at 6:59 pm

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